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Example: Automatically open topics with navigation skin

If you open this topic directly, it will reload itself inside the navigation skin.

For example, try a direct link to this topic at: www.ukauthor.esy.es/Reload/Content/Topic.htm

It will automatically reload itself inside the skin (Default.htm); i.e. ../Reload/Default.htm#Topic.htm

How to do this

  1. Move to the skin Setup tab and enable Show navigation link at top of topic.
  2. In your master page, add a link to a script Reload.js at the end of the body section. The path is relative to the master page located in Content/Resources/MasterPages.

    		<script src="../Scripts/Reload.js">
  3. Put this script file script Reload.js in the folder Content/Resources/Scripts/.

    The following code is used in the script file.

    $(document).ready(function () {
    	if (($('.MCWebHelpFramesetLink:visible').length))
    		window.top.location = $('.MCWebHelpFramesetLink>a').attr('href');

What does this code do?

Dave Lee | Blog | Forums | 13/08/2014